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If you’re an adult who has some free time to spare, and would like to be involved in providing an exciting and adventurous Scouting experience for Crown’s members, please review the following resources, then fill in the form at the bottom of the page for details on becoming an adult member.

If you’re aged 18-25, you can join the scout network, which caters for the needs and training of young leaders. Visit their website:‘’ for more details about the scout network.

How much time you commit to Scouting depends on your personal circumstances. Any time that you are prepared to give will be gratefully welcomed. This could be helping out only once a month to every week, only at camps or at Group Executive meetings.

Whatever your involvement, there will be a training commitment, although the majority may be done either ‘on the job’ with your chosen section, or at home. The adult training programme is modular and covers a broad range of core subjects and optional modules.

The most effective way to gain experience is to get involved with the activity programme, and to make the most of the various ways to gain the skills and experience that will help you to become an effective and valuable member of the leadership team.

All adults working with young people must join the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme. Until your check has been cleared, you may still take an active part with your chosen section, but you will work under supervision from the section leader.

Reference and background checks have become standard practice for organisations whose membership includes young people. Even if you have previously had checks done for another organisation, you will be required to undergo fresh checks for the Scout Association.

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